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One piece shoulder-head, arms and legs with molded shoes.

        204. ROSE... China painted kit  $75.00 (un-wigged) or Finished Doll $350.00  

Lovely lady looking straight.

        205. ROSALEE..China painted kit  $75.00 (un-wigged) or Finished Doll $350.00  

Gorgeous lady with turned head.

       206. EDWARD... China painted kit  $75.00 (un-wigged) or Finished Doll $350.00  

40ish year old man.  Lines on forehead. Half arms.  

#AY4 by Paulette Stinson

AYA4 DIANA... China painted kit  $60.00 (un-wigged) or Finished Doll $185.00  

A cute child with dimples about 12 years old (4 3/4" tall).  She has nicely sculpted hands on 3/4 length arms and thigh length legs with plain shoes.






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