Here is a sampling of my work.


Steampunk Lady (1:12 scale) Click on picture for more details. Dressed in Silks and Leather
Steampunk Lady close-up Leather Steampunk Boots 

Kirk Von Hammett (1:12 scale)

Inspiration: Kirk Hammett from the band "Metallica"
Close-up of Kirk Porcelain direct-sculpt skull ring fired with 14K white gold 
Quarter Inch or 1:48 Scale doll Quarter Inch or 1:48 Scale dolls
Clotilde & Muffy (Click on Picture for their story) 1:12 Scale I made the dragon from polymer clay
Francisco Goya 1:12 Scale Inspiration:  Goya's Self-portriat circa 1790-95  
Close-up of Goya Goya in his Studio (Customer Photo)
Georgian Girl 1:12 Scale Inspiration:  Pompeo Batoni's portrait of Louisa Grenville circa 1761
1920's Dancing Flapper 1:12 Scale Close-up of Dancing Flapper
Close-up of Dancing Flapper's Beads "flying"
1920's Bride 1:12 Scale Close-up of 1920's Bride showing real eyelashes

Snake Lady with 1920's Inspiration Picture 1:12 Scale Close-up of Snake Lady 
Guitarist 1:12 Scale Close-up of Guitarist 
  5 o'clock Tea Gown circa 1885 1:12 Scale Close-up of Tea Gown lady
The Little Bobbin Lace Maker 1:12 Scale Inspiration:  Edmund de Pury's "The Little Bobbin Lace Maker"
The Little Bobbin Lace Maker close-up Reproduction painting of  Edmund de Pury's "The Little Bobbin Lace Maker"
The Girl with the Pearl Earring 1:12 Scale Inspiration:  Vermeer's "The Girl with a Pearl Earring"
Vermeer and his model Clio 1:12 Scale Clio with inspiration - Vermeer's "Art of Painting"
Clio close-up Front view of Vermeer
Vermeer close-up
Maisy Maisy close-up
Jan Steen Child Inspiration:  Jan Steen's "Feast of St. Nicholas"
Captain & Lieutenant Inspiration: Rembrandt's "Night Watch"
The Merry Drinker Inspiration: Frans Hals " The Merry Drinker"
  Milkmaid Inspiration: Vermeer's "The Milkmaid"
1643 Dutch Lady Inspiration
1640 Dutch Lady Inspiration
Rembrandt Rembrandt's self-portrait
1640 Nobleman Inspiration


Georgia Georgia close-up
Julia 2 close-up Julia 2 





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