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For the antique dollhouse doll enthusiast:  These dolls are made from molds taken from the actual antique doll.  Most are from Germany in the 1880s.  All dolls have shoulder-heads with molded hair, spoon-like hands and tiny feet.  A body pattern is included. They are poured in French Bisque porcelain. Upon request, I will pour them in Lady White porcelain.

258. FATHER...   CP $65.00, FD $195.00

259. MOTHER..  CP $65.00, FD $195.00

260. GRANDFATHER.....  CP $65.00, FD $195.00

261. GRANDMOTHER CP $65.00, FD $195.00

262. LITTLE GIRL...  CP $65.00, FD $195.00

263. LITTLE BOY  CP $45.00, FD $150.00

264. ADEL (young girl) ...   CP $45.00, FD $150.00

265. JOLLY COOK (molded hat)..CP $65.00, FD $195.00

266. CHAUFFEUR ..CP $65.00, FD $195.00   

#267. Blacksmith by Lucie Winsky done as a "Bobby"

267. BLACKSMITH.... CP $65.00, FD $195.00

268. MARK TWAIN.CP $65.00, FD $195.00

269. GENTLEMAN. CP $65.00, FD $195.00

270. BABBETTE..CP $65.00, FD $195.00

271. MAN (from mold S507) .. CP $65.00, FD $195.00

272. WOMAN(from mold S507) . CP $65.00, FD $195.00

273. OLDER MAN(from mold S507).. CP $65.00, FD $195.00

274. CHILD(from mold S507) .   CP $45.00, FD $150.00

275. FRENCH FASHION(bald S515)..   CP $65.00(un-wigged), FD $225.00 (wigged)

276. BABY   CP and FD $50.00(wigged)

One piece Frozen Charlotte type of doll. CP and FD come with your choice of hair color.

#267. Blacksmith by Lucie Winsky done as a Soldier



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